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Reduce Fat | Smooth Cellulite | Diminish Wrinkles & Stretch Marks | Tighten Skin

Bella Shape’s exclusive, new RoboDerm technology delivers a relaxing full-body massage that also breaks down fats, removes cellulite, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, and firms the skin (even in the most delicate areas).

This extremely popular European treatment has just become available in the U.S. – and you can experience it now – for FREE!

This session is 100% free with no commitment for further treatment! If interested, you may continue with a treatment package to address specific problem areas.

What is a Bella Shape massage?

What is RoboDerm? | How does it compare to body sculpting? | Is it relaxing + soothing?

Bella Shape’s exclusive RoboDerm technology uses dual action heads and laser technology to deliver a full-body massage that also breaks down fats, removes cellulite, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, and firms the skin (even in the most delicate areas). This popular European treatment is the only tool that combines the relaxation and health benefits of lymph drainage massage with body sculpting and anti-aging technology.

  • Non-surgical, safe and effectivewith results after one treatment!
  • Performed by highly-trained professionals.


How does a Bella Shape session work?

Is this really FREE?

This massage is 100% FREE. At your appointment, you will be given a stretchy body suit to slip into which allows the Bella Shape hand devices to pass smoothly over your skin. Using suction, light and laser, the dual roller action will deliver a warm and relaxing full-body massage that will:

  • Drain excess fluid
  • Remove toxins
  • Enhance blood flow
  • Activate the breakdown of fats
  • Boost collagen and elastin production

After just this one treatment, you will feel revitalized and experience the benefits for your skin and body.

You will also receive a consultation with our medical staff to discuss target areas should you pursue further treatments. Discover the health and beauty benefits of lymph drainage massage – combined with powerful light and laser technology – to revitalize your face and body.

Experience this extremely relaxing way to treat and shape your body. This session is 100% FREE with no commitment for further treatment. When targeting a specific area for fat or cellulite removal, wrinkle reduction or skin tightening, the best results are seen in 10-sessions.

Packages are currently 40% OFF – and Palm Beach Body Sculpting guarantees results. If you don’t see any improvement after 10-sessions, you will receive your money back. Experience this new way to treat skin with a complimentary session!

How was this technology developed?

What is the science behind RoboDerm? | Where was it invented?

Developed in Italy, 4Bella Shape’s RoboDerm is a breakthrough technology that immediately became popular in Europe (there known as “Icoone.”) Based on a new understanding of how to accurately treat skin tissue, this is an innovative, scientific approach to non-invasive targeting of the adipose layer, as well as an extremely effective method of shaping the body, fighting cellulite, and improving the appearance of the skin.

Bella Shape is the only technology in the world to employ fractionated massage to deliver Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation. This unique and unequalled mechanism of action combines specific rotation with 1180 micro skin stimulations per dm², inducing major physiological effects to rehabilitate and enhance cells natural functions. It gently yet intensively conditions skin tissue to target fat deposits and enhance blood flow, rapidly smoothing and toning the look of the skin.

Professor Jean-Claude Guimberteau, a specialist in reconstructive surgery, redefined the structure of connective tissue, and showed that subcutaneous tissue consists effectively of a myriad network of micro vacuoles, haphazardly arranged and of fractal appearance.

Based on these findings, Italy’s I-Tech Industries convened a team of engineers and medical experts to create Roboderm, a patented technology capable of accurately treating the micro vacuoles of the dermis.

The technology delivers effective results in the treatment of all “EFP’s:” Edematious deposits and skin laxity, and various pathologies such as lymphedema, burns, scars, and many other conditions affecting the beauty and wellness of the individual.

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