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Be one of the first to offer ICO-one, the next-generation body sculpting system that has taken Europe by storm.
Experience the most effective face and body-sculpt treatment: ICO-one, the next-generation, non-invasive sculpting system that has been a huge sensation throughout Europe and worldwide – now available in the United States!

This patented, FDA-cleared system is the only technology in the world to stimulate every millimeter of skin tissue – combined with dual-wavelength laser energy – delivering immediate and dramatic results.

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treats the whole body—including the face and delicate areas—comfortably, effectively, and with no side effects

Introducing the next-generation sculpting, smoothing, and shaping system: ICO-one.

* Targets fat, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and rapidly smooths and tones skin.

* Achieves results in half the time with twin RoboDerm™ handpieces.

* Custom body and facial care programs treat all cosmetic concerns.

* Non-invasive, non-surgical  – with no pain, downtime or side effects.

* Scientifically proven results

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Twin RoboDerm(tm) handsets.

A European success, now available in the US. 

Developed in Italy, ICO-one is a breakthrough technology that immediately became popular in Europe, and is known for its powerful and effective, yet painless treatments—that are safe, comfortable, and produce no side effects or downtime.

European clients have achieved dramatic results in just 10-sessions. For that reason, we offer a 10-session treatment package for $1500.00. Relaxing 40-min sessions are scheduled once or twice weekly for the best results.Ask about our spring specials and referral promotions!

RoboDerm(tm) action

How does it work?

ICO-one combines two methods – mechanical action and dual-wavelength laser energy – to rapidly smooth and tone skin while targeting specific areas for focused treatment.

Unlike any other technology in the world, ICO-one’s handpieces are designed with arrays of micro-holes on the surface which stimulate micro-vacuoles located in the subcutaneous tissue. At the same time, treatments utilize laser and LED, which have been clinically shown to soften fat and move it to the interstitial space where it can be eliminated.

Experience ICO-one. Schedule your treatment today! Or call 754.800.8799 for more info. 

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