Revolutionary New Treatment Achieves Results Fast!

“For women who have tried everything or are looking to get back into shape after having a baby – for those of us who cannot shift those saggy patches or extra inches – this treatment is a no-brainer.”

Check out this review by a blogger for Maven 46, a popular beauty, fashion and entertainment magazine in Ireland. After having a baby, she was desperate to get back her pre-baby figure. When given the opportunity to review Bella Shape’s Icoone laser treatments  –  the revolutionary micro-stimulating fat busting device that Gwyneth Paltrow swears by – she jumped at the chance.

After 5 sessions, she reports – “Not only had I lost two inches from around my waist, but my pre-baby tummy muscles were definitely showing through. My tummy was not only flatter and more defined at the sides, but the appearance of my skin was a joy. There was no more saggy skin, it was toned and lean, and my legs had less dimpling.”

She describes her experience here:

Maven46 -The Inch Taker: Revolutionary new treatment achieves results fast!



The cellulite buster that ACTUALLY works!

Read a review here from Ireland’s top entertainment, beauty and fashion magazine. After seeing Bella Shape’s Icoone laser on the list of “MUST TRY BEAUTY TREATMENTS”, this journalist scheduled herself for treatments to remove cellulite from her legs in preparation for her wedding day. The results – Bye Bye Orange Peel! “The kinks were successfully ironed out” Ready for her wedding day – or more importantly – to rock her bikini on her honeymoon!

Evoke Magazine: “Bye Bye Orange Peel: This Tried And Tested Cellulite Buster ACTUALLY Works!”