How it Works

Bella Shape is an innovative, scientific approach to non-invasive targeting of the adipose layer, as well as an extremely effective method of shaping the body, fighting cellulite, and improving the appearance of the skin.

Utilizing exclusive Roboderm technology, Bella Shape is the only technology in the world to employ fractionated massage to deliver Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (1180 multi micro stimulations per dm2) .

The two Independent Motorized Rollers gently pull the skin using three directions of rotation according to the types of tissue. This unique and unequalled mechanism of action, Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (or Roboderm), combines specific rotation with 1180 micro skin stimulations per dm², inducing major physiological effects to rehabilitate and enhance cells natural functions.  It gently yet intensively conditions skin tissue to target fat deposits and enhance blood flow. It rapidly smooths and tones the look of the skin.