Bella Shape is a revolution in treatment of the connective tissue, developed and manufactured by I-Tech industries – a leader in innovative technology.

Professor Jean-Claude Guimberteau, a specialist in reconstructive surgery, recently redefined the structure of connective tissue. Rather than the traditional concept of layered tissue, Guimberteau showed that subcutaneous tissue consists effectively of a myriad network of micro vacuoles, haphazardly arranged and of fractal appearance. This new understanding necessitated a new way of treating skin.

Based on these findings, I-Tech industries employed a team of engineers and medical experts to create Roboderm, a patented technology capable of accurately treating the micro vacuoles of the dermis. The technology delivers important results in the treatment of all E.F.P.s (EDEMATOUS deposits and skin laxity, and various pathologies such as lymphedema, burns, scars, and many other conditions affecting the beauty and wellness of the individual).

Scientific research, technical skill, professionalism and a strong belief in innovation are the elements that now make I-Tech Industries an ally Par Excellence in the treatment of connective tissue, cosmetic and medical alike.

The design, study, production and marketing of technologies and services have notable scientific and technological importance, intended primarily to guarantee customer satisfaction in terms of beauty, wellness and health.



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