Bella Shape’s Icoone redefines the most accurate way to treat skin tissue. Already extremely popular in Europe, this breakthrough technology has just been made available in the U.STreatments transform the skin and promote overall wellness with immediate and long-lasting results.


Simple. Easy. Delicate.


Your skin will thank you and so will your patients. Bella Shape is revolutionizing the dermatology world one session at a time.

For patients seeking the best non-invasive aesthetic and medical procedures, Bella Shape is unlike all other options in the market.

And, because Bella Shape provides a multitude of aesthetic and medical treatments from one device, it streamlines the cost of providing beauty and medical procedures in your practice, easily expanding your client base.

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Non-invasive. Painless. Zero Downtime.


“After only two treatments, people remarked that my skin was glowing. At the end of five treatments, it was radiant.” – Suburbia Magazine

Treatments provide a sense of wellness and relaxation while enhancing blood flow and lymphatic drainage, boosting collagen production and activating the breakdown of fats. With gentle, yet powerful and effective Roboderm technology, Bella Shape’s Icoone Laser treats the whole body, including the most delicate areas such as face and neck, bust, inner arms and thighs.  Skin is visibly toned and transformed after only a few sessions.





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